Wink Before You Think!


Everyone knows what a wink is: A naughty, sometimes flirtatious, sometimes vexing tap of an eyelid, mostly done unobtrusively enough for most to miss it but slyly enough for the intended person (victim?) to see it. Done right, it adds a touch of humour to an otherwise dull occasion. Overdone, it loses all meaning. Underdone, it vanishes too quickly for anyone to be sure that it happened.

Of all the ways to wink at someone, the worst way, I believe, is to over-think it before you do it. Wink quickly, with a flourish and a smile, and damn the consequences! That’s the joy of a good wink! The same applies to reading, I think, at least in my case. I teach reading and writing. So, of course, when I read, I often expect too much before I read the first word. And that, sometimes, takes away the joy of reading something that would  have otherwise frightened me, amused me, mystified me, or, in some other way, affected me in a natural, spontaneous way.

I will be posting some stories (some real and some fictional). Form what opinion you will. Say what you please about each story. But I have one small favour to ask — don’t think about the story before you read it. Just wink at it and wait for it to wink back at you!



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